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A Condition Of Business


(1) We guarantee the genuine article of all the sales articles.


(2) If you would like to order from our website.We will hold item only a week until we confirm your payment.


(3) When We take the Japanese sword which was registered to abroad from Japan,

We must return registration paper to Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs and apply to Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs for “antique export inspection proof” and must attach it to the Japanese sword,Therefore it takes about 2 weeks.We will start to apply the export license after payment of the full amount has been completed.


If confirmation of payment from you is possible, We do the application immediately, Being similar cannot do cancellation of an order then because We return registration paper,Please approve it.


We do not take responsibility for a problem of the customs of your country and a problem of a law, Please order it after confirming the customs of your country and a legal problem beforehand.


(4) Normal shipping and insurance are included in the price.
When we send it out abroad, we usually use EMS or UPS for normal shipping,

If,we will be not able to send the Japanese sword to your county by EMS or UPS ,we will have to use Fedex.When we will use Fedex,please pay 10,000 (JPY) for shipping fee.

The overseas shipment expense of the long article more than 150cm such as spears and the big and the heavy article such as armor takes 40,000 (JPY) per 1,In this case being similar uses Fedex.






*In a range of an amount of money written in invoice for customs as for the payment ceiling of the insurance become it; please understand it.

*When you purchase the books, you pay a shipping fee.Please ask us a shipping fee.

*When duty occurs in your country.Please pay taxes yourself.


(5) When the tip of delivering is the foreign country, the returns and repayment is not possible,Please approve it.


(6) Protection of privacy

We manage the personal information that We were able to know severely so that there are not leaks. We cannot use personal information besides a necessary purpose.



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    *When it is input e-mail address by mistake, the reply by the email is not possible, and please warn a visitor in there being the case that communication cannot take.

    *It is not possible to export outside of Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs Art treasures by the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties.